Asset Management Philosophy

It Begins with You


Our clients’ objectives for their assets are paramount.  We assist them with envisioning those objectives and building a globally diversified portfolio, aimed to meet those intentions without exposing their portfolios to unwarranted levels of risk.

We manage to a fiduciary standard and draw upon expansive research as well as our own proprietary fundamental analysis to continually direct our client portfolios.  This includes disciplined monitoring, rebalancing, and pivoting exposures with prudence.

We meet regularly with our clients to reassess their goals, to review any relevant changes to their financial situation and any additional changes necessary to their managed assets.  We understand that their portfolio is more than just asset allocation and investment selection; it’s the means to maximizing their “return on life”.

Creating Value for You

  • We are independent and unaffiliated investment managers.
    • We work to meet our clients’ needs without obligations to, or restrictions from, other parties.
    • We are 100% employee-owned, safeguarding our aligned incentives with our clients and fashioning permanence of our organization.
  • We create tailored portfolios to meet our clients’ personal needs, desires, ability to assume risk, and investment time horizons that must be considered for meeting objectives.
    • Client portfolios are managed by a designated Portfolio Manager, who is involved at a pervasive level.
    • We have virtually unconstrained tools in building our clients’ portfolios.
      • We have the ability to access the most talented active managers, or the most cost effective passively managed investment vehicles.  Depending on our clients’ individualized situation, specific account registrations or investment structures may be established in order to meet strategic initiatives.
      • Over the years, we have established a network that extends fee advantages and investment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • For qualified investors, we offer access to alternative investments that are normally only available to institutional or extremely high net worth clients. Screenshot_2_10_15__4_42_PM

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