Why The Diesslin Group?

Diesslin Group, Inc. provides fee-only financial advisory and wealth management services to individuals and families, small business owners, estates, trusts, endowments and foundations.

We do not sell products or receive commissions of any kind, which allows us to provide objective and unbiased financial planning and investment advice. We are also independent and privately-owned, which allows us to make our clients our first priority.

We help clients protect and enhance their wealth, empower their family values, develop portfolios that reflect their investment and income needs, and achieve their financial goals. We are able to interface with our clients’ existing professional advisors, as well as leverage our broad network of attorneys, accountants, pension plan administrators, insurance agents, etc. in order to implement and maintain customized financial solutions for our clients.

We provide customized financial solutions and investment management for:

  • Individuals, couples, and families
  • Family entities and Trusts
  • Small business owners
  • Charitable foundations and endowments

Please contact us at (817) 332-6122 or via email at information@diesslin.com with any questions or to learn more. We can also schedule a complimentary introduction meeting at that time.