Small Businesses

Business owners know that many aspects of their financial lives are entwined with their business lives, and proper planning involves providing financial guidance and asset management services for both the individual and the business.

How we can help

We can help with many business planning issues, including:

  • Setting up tax-advantaged retirement plans for owners (and employees, if any)
  • Establishing a stable succession plan in the event of disability, death or retirement
  • Preparing the business for sale, either as one event or gradually over time
  • Determining the best business structure for tax and liability purposes
  • Incorporating the business into the client’s estate plan
  • Analyzing the client’s risk management needs and determining appropriate insurance coverage
  • Identifying and providing advice with other professionals, including property and business appraisers, employee benefits specialists, and attorneys
  • Designing and managing the client’s long-term portfolio to prudently reflect the impact of the business on the client’s overall investment strategy

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