Individuals and Families

familyFrom our firm’s inception, Diesslin Group has provided fee-only personal financial planning to individuals, couples, and families, incorporating their finances with their goals for the future. We recognize the unique needs and priorities of every client, and we work to achieve the best possible plan to meet each client’s objectives.

How We Help

Diesslin Group provides personalized financial planning on a wide variety of topics applicable to individuals, couples, and families. Among any client-specific needs, we address income tax planning, retirement planning, life insurance and estate planning, education planning, and insurance planning. Below are some of the specific services we provide clients.

Married Couples

We provide guidance to couples planning for marriage as well as for newly married couples. We help clients navigate estate planning issues, beneficiary designations, pre or post-nuptial agreements, investment and property ownership decisions, and incorporating two financial plans into one cohesive plan for the couple’s future.

New Families

As clients add to their families through birth, adoption, or marriage, we provide financial planning for establishing insurance and estate planning strategies to ensure their children are financially protected, plan for guardianship, assist with college savings objectives, and ensure that their children’s best interests are considered in every aspect of our clients’ financial plans and investment portfolios.

Multi-Generational Families

We provide financial planning and asset management services to clients who wish for their financial plan to be considered in context of multiple generations of their family. We tailor our financial planning topics to address the needs specific to family financial planning, including strategies for strategic wealth transfer for the next generation, planning for long-term care and life insurance needs, cost of living and retirement calculations, and addressing guardianship, Trusteeship, and other estate planning options. We can also manage investment accounts in context of the entire family’s investment portfolio.

Divorce and separation

Our goal is to make the financial planning logistics as simple and painless as possible for clients undergoing separation or divorce.  Working with each spouse’s attorney, we assist with asset transfers and asset division, beneficiary changes, and estate planning decisions, and we make necessary adjustments to core financial planning issues, such as retirement planning or insurance needs analyses, as needed.

Surviving Spouses and Heirs

Whether they are an existing client or a new client, we assist surviving spouses and heirs with the process of settling their loved one’s estate, including working with their estate attorney to value and probate assets, re-title assets of surviving spouses, and implement the deceased’s estate plan. We are available immediately to assist survivors, and we provide any guidance necessary to ensure that this process is as painless as possible. Many of our clients feel comfort in knowing that they are leaving their loved ones in capable hands.