Situation-Specific Financial Planning

Whether you are planning for children, newly married, or you simply want to ensure that you are on a path to financial freedom, we can help you define a customized financial plan that fits your needs and your life. Our past clients have included professionals making major career changes, starting new jobs, new graduates, recent beneficiaries of an estate, and many more.

Questions we have helped clients answer:

  • Can I afford to make this career change/home purchase/lifestyle change?
  • How can I best save for my children’s college educations?
  • How much money should I be saving for retirement, and where should I be saving it?
  • Am I filing my tax returns in order to minimize my effective tax rate?
  • Are my investment choices a good fit for my lifestyle and tolerance for risk?
  • Which selections should I make on my company’s employee benefits such as my 401(k), insurance options, or stock options?

Our process can be as specific or as comprehensive as you prefer, ranging from a single meeting to our full Phase I process, which reviews all aspects of your financial life (including tax, insurance, retirement, and investment planning, among others) in addition to your specific concerns.