Implementation of Financial Plan

After completing the initial comprehensive financial planning process, many of our clients choose to continue using our services to help them implement our list of recommended changes to their financial plan. We are available to assist in a variety of ways.

How We Can Help

Screenshot_12_8_14__11_06_AMOur implementation services vary according to client needs, but our past services have included:

  • Coordinating meetings with client’s estate attorney (or one we have recommended, if client does not have an attorney) and providing attorneys the exact information necessary to draft the estate plan we have built based on our client’s needs (which saves time and usually provides cost savings).
  • Offering guidance and coordinating with CPAs to implement our suggested tax strategies.
  • Coordinating with a client’s insurance agent (or one of our trusted professionals) to implement our insurance coverage recommendations.
  • Assisting in establishing pension plans for our clients who are small business owners.
  • Providing beneficiary forms to conform to clients’ estate wishes, as well as assisting in re-titling assets.
  • Providing suggested investment selections in non-managed accounts, such as annuities or 401(k)s.

After Initial Plan Implementation

After the implementation process is complete, our clients usually proceed to our ongoing financial planning and asset management services, which include active portfolio management, on-call access to the financial planning team, assistance with one-time financial decisions, and annual meetings, as well as many others. For further details, please consult our “Ongoing Services” page.

Also, if the client wishes to implement our recommendations on his or her own, we are happy to proceed directly to the ongoing financial planning and asset management services stage.