Estate Planning

After a lifetime of hard work and planning, the establishment of a solid estate plan is a gift that many of our clients wish to leave as a legacy for their heirs or to certain charitable causes.

Objectives of Estate Planning

Writeups_and_Charts_for_Website_v3_docx 6Proper estate planning can:

  • Ensure your health wishes are carried out
  • Determine who will receive your assets, and under what conditions
  • Create trusts and/or foundations to protect your assets from divorce or creditors
  • Define your preferred Guardians, Trustees, Executors, and other key positions
  • Establish a Living Trust to protect your assets from probate
  • Create customized Trusts for special needs children or other heirs

Ways we can help

Every estate plan is unique, but many clients have similar goals. In the past we have helped clients:

  • Develop estate plans and investments that ensure the financial security of their special-needs children
  • Preserve financial legacies by building estate documents and developing specific Trust terms that only permit certain expenditures our clients support (or, on the other hand, design estate documents that are as permissive as the client desires)
  • Prepare an estate plan that will establish a charitable foundation upon their passing
  • Protect certain significant family assets for the use of the grantor’s family and heirs in perpetuity, while restricting the asset’s sale
  • Build estate plans designed to last for three generations and preserve assets for any grandchildren, while still benefiting the children during their lifetimes
  • Divest assets to meet estate objectives or asset gifting goals
  • Decide on key fiduciaries and Trustees who will see that the client’s wishes are carried out

Estate planning can be a complicated subject, but with proper planning, we work with estate attorneys to craft a legacy that accomplishes exactly what its founders intended and more.