Our Fees

Financial Planning

Introductory Session No Fee
Initial Financial Planning Starts at $4,000
Implementation of financial plan Dependent upon client’s needs; quote available upon completion of a financial plan
Ongoing Financial Planning Starts at $250/quarter

Hourly services are available under certain circumstances.

Asset Management

For assets up to: $1,000,000   1.00%
$1,000,001   to $3,000,000   0.60%
$3,000,001   to $6,000,000   0.30%
$6,000,001   to $10,000,000   0.25%
$10,000,001   to $20,000,000   0.20%
$20,000,001  +   0.15%

Minimum Annual Fee Rate:  $ 8,000 Annual Fee, billed quarterly.

529 Plans

Setup Fee: $250 Managed: 0.10% of market value Annual Fee, billed quarterly.

Annuity Services

Managed: The lesser of .5% of market value, or the fee that would result from adding the annuity asset(s) to the other managed assets. Non-Managed: $500 set-up fee Annual Fee, billed quarterly.

Due Diligence/Ad Hoc Services

Managed portfolios up to $20,000,000 will be billed at $250/Hour plus any expenses incurred during the due diligence process.  For portfolios with assets under management that are greater than $20,000,000, most due diligence and ad hoc services will be included as part of the advisory services; therefore, the client will only be charged for expenses directly related to the services being performed (i.e., travel costs, third-party service fees, etc.)

Consulting and other special services are available at an hourly rate or a fixed retainer. Billing for such services is customarily done monthly. Fees are negotiable, based upon the complexities and circumstances of your individual situation.