This Witch for Hire

Author: Kim Harrison

ISBN: 9780739463802
Pages: 707
Description: I stumbled upon the Rachel Morgan series while waiting for the next release of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I was hooked, lined, and sunk. However, it helped that she had quite a few of her series already published, so I wasn’t cursed with the waiting for the next book syndrome. It was a perfect timing sort of event being that I was stuck in North Carolina waiting out a storm that had flooded my home. The 2 week wait turned in to a few months wait, and thankfully, Ms. Morgan decided to entertain me. While I wasn’t looking for not another vampire book, and I really only read the Sookie books to see where HBO was going, I enjoyed Ms. Harrison’s books tremendously. Her heroine isn’t your typical Ms. Perfect I can beat up the bad guys and I’m sexy and I know it” character. She was pretty, pretty sexy even, but she was far from being perfect. There were so many times I would find myself wincing with her choice of outfits, boyfriends (sorry, I did not like Marshall!), weapon choice, and choice of conscious. She’s a messy girl, like many of my students like calling girls that get into trouble and cause it as well, she’s a messy, messy girl. I think I can say this much without spoiling things.
It’s been about 40 years or so that the human population of the world was almost decimated by a virus that had attached to a tomato (bio engineered drugs). The magical population (witches, vampires, werewolves, etc) were unaffected by the virus so they basically came out of the closet and saved the humans causing them to realize that they weren’t in Kansas anymore. Rachel is a bounty hunter of sorts that works on bringing in the nonhuman bad guys in for the just rewards, hopefully a lifetime of rehabilitation in an inlander prison, stowed safely away from us innocent humans. If you decide to read the book, take tally of how many times you think, Girl, that was just stupid. But still keep on reading. The characters in Rachel’s circle are easy to love, easy to hate, easy to horrify, easy to melt. I dare you to not love Big Al by the time you get to Ever After . Happy Reading!
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